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What is this? The Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration project wiki

Welcome to the Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration project wiki. This wiki is being used to collate information and analysis generated during the Collaboration's work, particularly this exploratory stage, so that we can establish something like a common ground of knowledge and insight for our work.

For more background information on the Bristol Smart Energy City Collaboration, see [1]

This wiki is a genuine working document with contributions from several different team members and regular additions and updates. We are aware that it is both incomplete and rough and un-proofed. And we know there are gaps and typos and broken links. We also think there's a lot of very useful information here, collated from various sources, to inform thinking about whether and (if possible) how a city like Bristol might come to realise its aspiration to become a 'smart energy city'.

To see how we've organised the contents and to find what you're looking for, use the Index page.

A wiki is a collaborative hypertext editing platform - this means a place where many people can easily work together on a collection of interlinked documents. You may already be familiar with other wikis like Wikipedia. For more information and instructional videos about the wiki, go to the Help for the wiki (this is also in the navigation links to the left of every page).

This wiki is based on the wiki developed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy for the STEEP EU project (see below and [2]), which means it includes some features (such as process modelling) which have not so far been used here.

For more information and guidance on using the tool, please refer to the Manual.