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A: Technical- Energy

What we know What we could know
Power, heat and gas flows in city and known patterns of change
  • MSOA level electricity and gas consumption
  • A bottom up address level model of heat demand
  • Bottom up address level model of electricity
  • Temporal model of electricity demand based on load profiles
  • Information on upcoming developments in Bristol with large projected load
Current and future ‘local power generation’ levels and intermittency caused
  • Good estimate of current energy generation capacity within Bristol
  • More information about intermittency of renewable generation
Electricity distribution system operational issues and expectations in ‘smarter’ system
  • Map of demand per substation per LSOA
  • Available capacity in distribution network for distributed generation
  • More about the effects of distributed generation on the distribution network
  • Outcome of SoLa Bristol project
Opportunities for demand side response and reduction in the city (power and heat)
  • Technical maximum demand shift at different times of day and year
Anticipated uses of smart energy data in future energy system management - what gets smart?
  • There are several potential smart devices that could be adopted
  • Expected levels of uptake of smart devices within the home
Inventory of large discretionary loads in the city
Storage technology development trends and potential opportunities
  • The different existing storage technologies
  • The options that could be used within a city like Bristol do not appear to be economically viable at present
  • More about EVs being used as a storage medium
  • Future feasibility of storage