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Outputs of 28/07/15 meeting

Ownership of challenges

Challenge Owner
1. Curbing energy waste and peak demand (which embeds a related challenge to use smart energy data to help manage network constraints) Zoe
2. Enhancing the value of low carbon electricity generated in or near the city (which links to a related challenge of improving local system balancing/power matching within city) Joe/ Rafiek
3. Using smart energy data and associated interventions to tackle cold homes/fuel poverty and the associated health and social challenges Karen/ Nick
4. Capturing the economic benefits of a smarter energy city for the city (i.e. its people and businesses) (incl. business/employment development, smart energy data/services ‘cluster’ etc) Simon
5. Developing city energy system understanding at fine grain to enhance planning and operational capabilities at city level. Josh

Technical - Energy

  • Simon to contact Rafiek. Put in touch with Joe to discuss virtual power plants.
  • Simon to contact Adrian at Triodos Renewables . Put in touch with Joe to get wind data for Bristol instalation.*
  • Josh to email Mark at WPD r.e. questions about distributed generation issues
  • Zoe to check Wales and West Utilities contact

IT/ Data

  • Data flows
    • CAD
    • ToU
    • Appliance control
  • Josh to find National Grid contact (Simon to check SF list)
  • Josh to make graph of amount of data from different numbers of monitors and frequencies of collection


  • Scaling to Bristol
  • Triands & DUoS - John Brenton at University of Bristol

Regulatory =

  • CAD
    • DCC relationship
    • DCC user
    • More widely (data access)

Nick and Kate to sort 'line' and check with Suket at Secure

Social/ Cultural

  • Does Bristol's building make up have an impact on roll out patterns?
  • Does Bristol's demographic effect engagement
  • Knowle West Media Centre work on vulnerable households projects